preorder: Planks / Lentic Waters - Split LP

Preorder: the Split LP between Planks and Lentic Waters.

A constellation of two German monoliths - both unique in what they do – still a harmonizing team.

The A side shows Planks taking yet another step away from their Hardcore roots. In the vein of their last output The Darkest Of Grays, they deliver their unique blend of gloomy, melody ridden, downtuned heaviness that incooperate aspects of Doom, Black Metal and Dark Wave - but this time they even go one step further and take on Grunge methodologies in Leave And Never Come Back. All they did on their last records finds its way into these three tracks but everything seems more organized, filtered, more mature and in better sound.

Lentic Waters' B side of the split delivers the first three new songs after their impressive first s/t LP. The still fairly new band took the time on the road during the weeks of tours they spent, to distinguish what they are capable of and what they do best. Those tracks bring their facets of grinding emoviolence, double-bass frenzy and super catchy melodies. Also the sound of the recording improved and therefore offers the listener a better inside into what this band is able to. Three string instruments that play three different things at the same time just to have one big harmony in the end. Melodies shattered by ravishing outbursts to flow into massive, epic endings. It should be interesting to see how much more this band has to offer in the future seeing the transition they undertook in such short time.

The Split LP comes on limited white vinyl (200) and black vinyl (800) with drop-dead gorgeous, silver printed artwork by Pierre Johansson on heavy cardboard. Released together by Apocaplexy Records, React With Protest (Germany) and IFB Records (USA).

Both bands will have the record available, when they play CMAR this year. Planks is playing on 30th of june and Lentic Waters on 29th.

you can preorder here: 

Preorders will be shipped the first week of july. 
And Hell yeah: Lentic Waters is on tour w/ Tempest from Canada in july... go there!

Lentic Waters
2012/06/29 - Peckeloh | CMAR
2012/07/08 - Mühlheim | AZ
2012/07/09 - Köln | tbc
2012/07/10 - Berlin | tba
2012/07/11 - Kiel
2012/07/12 - Bremen | tba
2012/07/13 - Lübeck | VEB
2012/07/14 - Zwolle (NL) | tba
2012/07/15 - Aachen | AZ
2012/07/16 - Gent (B) | Frontline
2012/07/17 - Hamburg | Rote Flora
2012/07/18 - Münster | Baracke