Zann call it quits.

Sad but true, Zann played their last two shows last weekend, at Cry Me A River Festival & the New Noise Fest 6. The video shows their set of the New Noise Fest. Here's their farewell:

Dear friends,

is this what they call the end? After twelve years Zann has come to a halt. Even if it seems so, this decision is not a sudden one and has been made months ago. There are several reasons for breaking up. At the age of 30+ priorities for some of us have changed, families grow, work schedules making it harder to tour, musical visions diverge. Nothing too uncommon after such a span of time I guess. No hard feelings remain, no one was severely injured or killed in the proccess of making this decision.

These twelve years mean a lot to us. To some they probably have been the most important ones. We decided to play some good last shows and then leave. And they were good, hell yeah! CMAR and New Noise fest showed what we love about shows: a bursting room, the deafening sound of cranked amps, the humid air of kids going wild, the sweat, the moment, the rush, the letting go... we will miss this.

There are people that need to be thanked for their support over the years. But then again, there are too many people to be thanked to name them here without forgetting at least dozens more. So thank you to the people that made this possible and worthwhile: the kids that set up the shows, made the food, let us crash on their floors or (even better) mattresses, the labels that wasted their money on our records and the bands we toured with throughout the old and the new world, it's been an amazing twelve-year-ride! And last but not least, the kids that came out to the shows, had a good time and therefore gave us the time of our lives: Thank you, it won't be forgotten!

No, this is not the end. All people in Zann will continue to create music in one way or another. Two new offsprings have already evolved in the past months. As soon as there are more details, they will be posted here, so stick around.

And before this is getting too long and overly dramatic, thank you, take care and we'll see you somewhere down the road I guess...

Yours truly,
Uwe, Mark, Robert, John, Ron