Breach 7xLP Box Set

Well, the last entry is five years old and I really don't know where to start here (again). I can't really remember or find it in the papers, when we (Pierre and me) started to talk about and plan a box set, but I guess it must have been around 2015. Since I was always left with 50+ records of each release with a damaged or without a cover, we knew we had to do something. No one of us thought it would take long, but life isn't always easy.

So here we go: The box set features the Breach releases 'It's me god', 'Venom', 'Godbox' and 'Kollapse'. Every record comes in a silver ink handscreened LP cover with different cover artwork and is housed together in a handmade collectors box. Each one of the 50 copies comes with an original 'Godhead' drawing of Pierre Johansson, well-placed in an offset printed inlaysheet with all the other godheads. As always everything is designed by Pierre aswell. Each Box Set copy is handnumbered and personalized and will be shipped insured and with tracking.

Please remind, that this whole thing took a long time, was done almost entirely by hand and is a piece of dedication.

If this is sold out, it will be sold out. One copy per person. I will not take any reservations or answer messages. Thanks for understanding.
Ordered and paid copies will be shipped mid of january.

More news on Apocaplexy in a few moons.

Breach 7xLP Box Set
ltd 50